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Turnkey Contracts

Park Holland Mechanical Services Ltd can provide a turnkey consultancy and project management service for the installation and commissioning of steam and hot water boilers and their associated steam delivery and storage systems on site.

  1. New Britain Oil Ltd : Complete New Boilerhouse installation including 2 x 7000 Kg/hr steam boilers , 2 x HP steam boilers, 45m x 5 core chimney , ancillary equipment and all services.

  2. Unifrax Widnes Site : Installation of Boilerhouse extension including 2 x 12500 Kg/hr steam boilers , 30m chimney, ancillary equipment and all services.

  3. Joseph Heler Ltd : Installation of 3 x 6000Kg/hr steam boilers , ancillary equipment and services.

  4. Argent Energy : Installation of 2 x 18,000kg/hr @23 Bar G Steam Boiler c/w Refinery Gas and Bio-fuel Oil Installation, ancillary equipment and all services.

  5. Tennants Fine Chemicals Ltd: Installation of 1 x 8,000 kg/hr Steam Boiler plus Economiser c/w ancillary equipment and all services.


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